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WaveTracker :


WaveTracker automates the tedious work of trading by breathing life into your charts with all the key data you need to analyze price action. The system illuminates:

  • Elliott Wave AWE pattern points
  • Highs, lows and delta for all waves
  • Fibonacci retracements for each wave
  • Pivots and balance points
  • Globex highs/Lows
  • Audio alerts for volume and key patterns

Advanced features include:

  • Integrates data from multiple timeframe charts of the same symbol, effectively consolidating data from multiple degrees of trend.
  • Identifies confluences of market structure and geometry that coincide
    at the same price point (within a tick)
  • Provides a clear visual perspective of key levels, defining support,
    resistance, and target points.
  • Gives graphical alerts of Fibonacci alternates of Elliott AWE patterns.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional trader, if you use eSignal then you need WaveTracker to illuminate the set-ups you’ve been missing.