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About :


Tic2Tic develops software for both eSignal and other markets. We also trade professionally. Our flagship product is WaveTracker, specifically designed to illuminate market waves and Elliott Wave AWE patterns.
Scott Masters, the founder of Tic2Tic, is a Software Executive and Engineer by background. When he started trading earlier on this decade, he realized, along with his trading mentor, that without a comprehensive software study to run on top of our charting platform, we were missing many great trade set-ups. When the markets closed for the day, Scott began to build a solution that would illuminate confluences in several price action signals. After many months of coding and testing, WaveTracker was born.

Since then, WaveTracker has become an indispensable part of our trading operation. We became an eSignal business partner, and began to offer the software to wider client market. Several hundred folks have since purchased or leased WaveTracker, and now that we’ve brought on additional staff to support and market the product, we’re excited to provide our product to thousands more.

Why “Tic2Tic”? Because the S&P EMini trades in 1/4 points, each ‘tick’ means something. Our namesake derives from the trades we place using our well defined methodologies, which quite often are from wave low to wave high, hence Tic-2-Tic.

Our software and trading style – based on confluence in price action signals – will work on any market that is widely traded, be it stocks, bonds, or other commodity futures contracts. They are also applicable whether you are a swing trader, a position trader, or a day trader. However, we believe it makes sense to trade the markets that give you the highest probability of success, which in turn requires a high degree of liquidity, precision, and cost control. This is we trade the S&P EMini.

All in all, we love trading and we love making good software. We also follow the political circus and economic news very carefully, so you can expect a frequent mention of things of that nature on this site as well. Thanks for reading, and happy trading!