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If you are a monthly subscriber to WaveTracker from eSignal, you MUST download and install eSignal version 10.6 (or later) in order for your account to authorize properly. If there is any problem in doing so, then please email and we'll provide an alternative solution.

AWE Patterns

Elliott Wave theory, which holds that all waves of similar degree relate in geometric form, is a must-have weapon in the arsenal of any serious trader. The most common geometric wave relationship is the equality of alternate waves. These Alternate Wave Equality (AWE) patterns are the key component of market structure in price-action. When alternate waves of similar degree reach equality, the market reaction has significant meaning for either a reversal or continuation. Learn more

Breathe Life into Your Charts

Our WaveTracker Software is the best trading tool we've ever encountered. We know, because we wrote it for our own professional use. Sure, there are myriad eSignal studies or stand-alone charting products out there. Some are good, some are not. However, none illuminate confluences in price action better than WaveTracker. We'll even let you try it free for 2 weeks. Why? Because once you try it, we know you'll no longer want to trade without it.

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Education + Discipline = Fewer Bad Trades

Trading is all about probabilities. No one is right 100% of the time. Happily, one need not be right 100% to be a fantastic trader. Rather, one simply needs to identify a sound methodology, learn the ropes of money management, and stay disciplined! Most traders crash and burn because they don't think like good traders. Human beings get scared. Human beings tense up in trades. We can't magically help you get Zen with the markets, but we can share with you what we've learned...